Ecological Agriculture is a political activity to ensure safe food for all

Press Release| PAN India

Releasing the book, “Replacing chemicals with Biology: Phasing out highly hazardous pesticides with agroecology” at the Kerala Agriculture university campus Vellayani, Thiruvanathapuram, Dr. T M Thomas Isaac M. L. A. (former finance Minister, Kerala) said that the book would certainly be a great encouragement to the organic farming activities happening in Kerala and would strengthen the organic farming movements. He stressed that we need to realize the long term impacts pesticides and agrochemicals, and also industrialization of the agriculture sector. Also he pointed out the impact of modern agriculture with the example of sub Saharan Africa, quoting the book, “Seeds of Famine’.

The agribusiness is only looking at its profit, not concerned on the long term impact of chemicalising agriculture. The economics of modern agribusiness is aimed at generating more and more profits, not on developing sustainable agriculture and ensuring safe food. There is a vested interest on the unsustainable agriculture by the modern agribusiness and is aimed at accumulating their profit by controlling agriculture input market. Dr. Isaac pointed it is a kind of developing a thrown away culture, through advertisements and other practices, and as part of the economy these inherent rules and practices  are largely becoming into a waste economy. And because of this, organic farming is gaining importance as a political activity. Here, everybody can participate in this political activity, not only farmers, but also for those who do not even have land to cultivate. Those who do not have enough land can also do organic farming in grow bags and also do terrace farming. Each and everyone can participate in this activity by managing and recycling household biodegradable waste, making it into manure through composting and do organic farming with the same manure. In addition, organic is also important in mitigating climate change.   Thus organic farming is a political activity to ensure fresh vegetables, safe food, recycling biodegradable waste and also a resistance against the monopolisation of agriculture and agribusiness.

He encouraged the students in the KAU campus to adopt a ward in Trivandrum and support the residents in doing composting and organic farming and  to develop it into a model of ultimate green solution.

The book release function was jointly organized by PAN India along with Thanal and Students Union in Kerala Agriculture University  at the Vellayani Campus, Trivandrum on 7th October. This PAN International publication was originally released at the fourth session of International Conference on Chemical Management (ICCM4).

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